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About the book

'Hector's Perfect Cake' will be self-published with the help of SilverWood Books. The funds were raised through a a Kickstarter campaign that ran in July 2020, and it is due to be published in October/November 2020.

You can pre-order the book HERE

Keep reading to learn more about the main character, Hector, and the author and illustrator, Lily. 

Meet Hector

Hi there! I'm Hector, and this book is about me! Oh, this really was a worrisome day. I was trying to make a cake for my Granny's birthday, but I'd run out of the most important ingredient –peanut butter! I know – how can a badger run out of peanut butter? It's our most favourite thing to eat! I was so worried about Granny being disappointed, so I just had to go out and find some more. It's a good thing my friends, Mr. Bearford, Artie and Lola, were on hand to help! 

Hello! I'm Lily, the author and illustrator of 'Hector's Perfect Cake'. I live in Cambridge, where I work as an innovation consultant. I'm also a small business owner – I've run my online store, Lily in Space, since 2016. 

My favourite animals are badgers, birds and bats, although I also love animals that don't begin with the letter B.

Meet the author

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