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"Hector’s Perfect Cake is a beautifully written picture book with an important message at its core."

- Fraser's Fun House 

Ceri's Little Blog 

Hector is trying to make the perfect cake for his Granny. Try as he might, he cannot get hold of the one missing, key ingredient – peanut butter. Will he get hold of the peanut better so that the cake can be perfect? And if not, will his Granny appreciate it anyway?

I read this book with my daughter Lili, who is 2.5 years old. She was very excited to receive her first bit of #bookmail and absolutely adored the book. Read more...

Love the Smell of a Book


Today I am delighted to be brightening up your Thursday morning with a review for this wonderful children’s book. Hector’s Perfect Cake is written for our younger readers with colourful illustrations and a great story to entertain children whilst carrying a message about perfectionism.

As soon as I saw the cover for this one it appealed and who can resist a story about cake! The size of the font for the story makes it easy to read and the pages are bright and colourful but not too cluttered. Read more...

Fraser's Fun House


Hector’s Perfect Cake is a beautifully written picture book with an important message at its core. Poor Hector the Badger visits his other animal friends to track down his ‘magic’ ingredient with some mishaps along the way that leave him somewhat disheartened and worried about how Granny will feel about his sub standard cake. As you may have guessed Granny loves the cake anyway, especially because Hector made it and the party guests seem to tuck in too! It’s a great way to drive home the message to kids that things don’t have to be perfect every time, but as long as they try their best that’s all that matters! Read more...

Jess Bookish Life


As a Social Educator that has work with children, I’m always interested in reading children’s books and add them to my list for future jobs. Something I enjoyed while working in a kindergarten was telling stories. That been said, this cute story would definitely be one I would have read to the kids.

We follow Hector in his quest for peanut butter so we can make the perfect cake. That’s something we all can understand. Cake and quick adventure. Also, we can all understand Hector’s need for making the perfect cake for his grandma. It doesn’t matter your age, you want to make something special to a loved one when it’s their birthday. Read more...

Cat and Mouse Reading


This is a lovely book to share with young children. I was lucky enough to read it with my grandchild on her 4th birthday and this really emphasised to me how age appropriate it was. There is a lot thar young children will relate to and lots of markers for a birthday - cake, candles, balloons, parties. The pages are beautifully illustrated by Lily Clarke and the bold, clear pictures add to the story. Read more...

Between the Pages Book Club

Charlotte was made up to get her own signed book through the post and wanted to read it straight away. Ofcourse her younger brother Noah (2) joined us aswell. It’s a great, short story and illustrated beautifully. Kept us wondering if he ever did get the peanut butter. Kept the kids busy and quiet! I’m sure this will be a new favourite in our house as we all love chocolate cake here.

It also teachers a lesson that I don’t think Charlotte understood… It’s okay for things not be perfect! They’re still loved and appreciated just as much. With thanks to the author and Rachel for the book! We would recommend to all kiddies. We gave it five stars as a 100 wouldn’t fit. Read more...

Novel Kicks


This book is so unbelievably adorable and from start to finish, it was wonderful. The illustrations are so beautiful and they complement the story so well. It’s obvious how much work Lily Clarke has put into this book.

Hector is trying to bake the perfect cake but this doesn’t go according to plan. This is a good analogy for life in general and it’s a clever and clear way to teach children that things don’t have to be perfect and that perfectionism is subjective. Read more...

The Treasure Within


This story is ever so sweet, and is requested every time I sit down with my siblings to read books. The dialogue is simple enough to be understandable for children, but not so simple that it feels tedious to read – which is perfect for a story which is asked for again and again! Furthermore, the story has a lovely message – revolving around how perfection isn’t necessarily the most important thing, and demonstrating how something can be special without being perfect. Read more...

Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers


Today, we're bringing you a stop along a DELICIOUSLY DELECTABLE Picture Book tour brought to you by Rachel's Random Resources! It's decidedly SCRUMPTIOUS in all the best ways and a gorgeous reminder of how it's never the gift, but the thought and LOVE behind it that counts! But wait a second...I'm getting WAY ahead of myself. Let's get this party started right with a proper introduction to today's blog tour guest and ebook of choice....Read more...

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